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Welcome to Acekare, a small French company that has been growing with big dreams since 2014. We are proud to manufacture our Yomper+ and Enjo motorizations in our workshops in Bordeaux, the fruit of our experience and dedication to innovation.

Transform your manual wheelchair into a powerful motorized vehicle in the blink of an eye.

Why choose Acekare :

  • Small Company, Big Dreams : We’re a small company fighting big battles. Every purchase supports our passion for innovation and our commitment to accessible mobility for all.
  • Local manufacturing : Every Yomper+ and Enjo is carefully crafted in our workshops in France, combining local know-how and excellence.
  • Simplicity, Performance, Proximity : Our products are designed to offer simplicity of use, exceptional performance and unrivalled proximity to our users.

Explore this dedicated page to discover how Yomper+ and Enjo can transform your mobility experience. Choose made in France and be part of our adventure! 

Thanks to a network of retailers throughout France, you can try Yomper+ free of charge before you buy. These healthcare professionals will also support you throughout the entire process;

"How can manual wheelchair users' shoulders be relieved ?"

Go one step further


Discover Yomper+, the innovation that transcends the limits of wheelchair mobility. Transform your manual wheelchair into a practical, high-performance motorized vehicle, unleashing your potential and enabling you to live every moment to the full without compromise.

Yomper+ features :

  • Exceptional versatility
  • Instant installation
  • Extended range

Whether for daily commutes or more adventurous adventures, this electric assist redefines the concept of wheelchair mobility. Don’t just get around, travel with confidence.

Yomper+ motorisation pour fauteuil roulant manuel.

"How can you relieve caregivers pushing a wheelchair ?"

Enjo, assistance électrique pour votre aidant​. L’assistance électrique ENJO permet à l’accompagnateur de pousser l’utilisateur assis dans son fauteuil roulant manuel beaucoup plus facilement. Appréhendez les côtes et les longs trajets plus sereinement.

Relieve your caregiver

Enjo: Easy electric assistance for wheelchairs

Discover Enjo, your ally in relieving wheelchair pushing. Designed for simplicity and lightness, Enjo is a compact electric assist that instantly transforms pushing into an effortless experience.

Enjo features :

  • Incomparable lightness
  • Quick installation
  • Simplified pushing

Enjo becomes the discreet companion, bringing comfort and ease to caregivers, while preserving the intuitive essence of the manual wheelchair.

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